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The project MusiClon is a joint project of professional musicians, teachers and music school teachers from Poland and Germany, who are convinced: Musicality is inherent in everyone!

Together, we want to develop a digital toolbox for student-oriented music lessons in different teaching and learning environments. The basis of this digital toolbox is a pool of methods and materials, free to everyone and available online in the form of an open and constantly growing database.

With MusiClon, not only do want to introduce a useful and creative tool to make music lessons more participatory and approachable to pupils. Our German-Polish network also invites European musicians, teachers, and interested parties from the fields of music, special needs education, and music pedagogy to share their experience with us and join us in this endeavour. We wish to create a stable trans-European network, from which sustainable material and action recommendations for a new approach to music in the classroom could emerge.

Initiators of the project are the renowned Early Music Ensemble Capella de la Torre from Berlin. Their partner from Poland is the Maria Gzegorzewska Special School and Education Center in Zgorzelec. Actively collaborating with them are the Friedrich Ludwig Jahn School with a special focus on mental development in Görlitz, the Music School Northern Breisgau, and the ballet ensemble Cracovia Danza from Krakow.

The project is funded by the EU-program Erasmus+ as part of the action “Small scale partnerships”.

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